With the members of Mighty Sports-Prudential

4 Benefits of Sports Marketing to Your Business

I’ve always loved sports. Aside from running our business, our family has also put up a sports apparel line Mighty Sports Apparel and Accessories which aims to provide goods for all types of athletes.

Alongside of running our family ventures with my brother Alexander Wongchuking, I have also been manning the basketball team Mighty Sports- Prudential with a goal to uplift and support the performance of Filipino athletes.

Although sports just started as a hobby and I didn’t plan making a fortune out of it, I must say it has benefited our business in many ways.

According to the Duquesne University School of Business, sports marketing refers to the marketing of sports leagues and teams. Sports marketing can create fan loyalty for organizations or enterprises that use it effectively.

Below are 4 benefits businesses can get from sports marketing:

1. Build better brand awareness.

Creating marketing campaigns for your brand is sometimes not enough. A brand can leverage better branding through sports event, sports athlete or an athlete. Sports are highly visible, offering exposure to millions of consumers than your usual target audience.

2. Drive excitement around the brand, its products, and services.

Sports can make your audience excited about you and your product or service whenever there are events. It is your brand that will show and be remembered when the game is coming up.

3. Drive more website views.

Aside from people who want to check out your products, people who love sports or has interest in your team/athlete will most likely to regularly check updates on your website.

4. Sell to a new, highly appealing target audience.

Even your product or service has no ongoing campaigns or events, your brand will continuously get a new audience because there are always new followers of the sport your brand is supporting. And these new audiences are the loyal ones and very interested with your team/athlete.

In business, you have to look for another avenues to present your brand. Through Mighty Sports- Prudential, we were able to communicate what kind of company we have, how we support our people, and made new connections.


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